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We are family owned and have been operated by Stacy & Craig Cummings since 1986. Craig has "hands-on" jobsite with all projects. We use only our own skilled and knowledgeable employees. Don't let our name mislead you in all your project needs! We are a full service general contracting company specializing in all interior and exterior remodeling projects as well as room additions and enclosures. We can also handle your screening and sun control/shade needs as well. Visit us online to learn more @ Our showroom is open Tues-Thurs and we always welcome appointments. Craig does all contracts and works closely with our clients, keeping open communications with them throughout the entire project.

Increase Your Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of installing new Windows and Doors is the increased comfort and energy bill savings you’ll enjoy both winter and summer. Quality design and construction put an end to air and water infiltration. You can also choose glass options that offer additional benefits. For instance, double-paned insulated glass offers excellent U- value and reduces sound when compared to ordinary single-pane glass. And our standard insulated glass is covered by a 10-year warranty. Emerald also offers heat-reducing tints and high-performance low-E coatings that reduce solar heat gain while protecting your furnishings, draperies and artwork from fading. They’re particularly beneficial for western and southern exposures.

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Austin Sunrooms

Americans have designed and enjoyed sunrooms as home additions for decades. Porches and patios were converted into sunrooms with screened enclosures, providing shade and protecting friends and family from bugs. Screened-in sunrooms could only be used during the summer. They were an excellent place to escape the smothering heat indoors, and children or visitors would sleep there on hot nights.

Sunrooms experienced a boom in popularity during the mid-1980s, and suddenly professional sunroom designers and builders were in high demand. Your local Austin Sunrooms company would be happy to consult with you on a design for your own home, whether you want an open gathering place for sunny days or a sturdy room from which to observe the weather all year.

Elements of Style with Austin Sunrooms

The professionals at your Austin Sunrooms company can guide you through the different types of sunrooms available and assist you in choosing one that meets your needs. Sunrooms are usually built over an existing porch, deck, or patio. Your Austin Sunrooms contractor may need to lay a foundation to support your sunroom.

Full or partial glass sunrooms can only be installed on homes where the roofline extends over the existing porch or patio. Glass sunrooms are prevented from becoming too hot because the Austin Sunrooms company will use heat-reflective glass. Having a glass-walled sunroom can pose control issues with light and privacy. Your contractor can provide you with window coverings in many different colors and styles.

If you're thinking of using your sunroom all year, talk with your Austin Sunrooms expert about the benefits of three-season and four-season sunrooms. Your sunroom will be built according to your intended purpose and your budget. The experts at the Austin Sunrooms company will walk you through all the different sunroom types, and assist you in finding one that fits your tastes and style.

Austin Sunrooms are Multi-Purpose

Some people design their sunrooms to suit a particular situation or need. A gardener could easily use their sunroom as a growing area for indoor plants. You could retreat to a green personal paradise any time of year. The experts at the Austin Sunrooms can design a room to enhance your indoor garden, or any purpose you choose, by insulating the room for warmth and supplying plenty of windows. Your contractor can even include skylights in the design to bring sunlight in from directly over your new room.

Perhaps you've wished you had a larger parlor or living room for when friends visit. A sunroom can become the perfect setting with the perfect size. Your professional contractors from the Austin Sunrooms company will study your home's architectural design and elements of style, and ensure your sunroom appears to be a natural extension of that design. You can impress guests by using the sunroom to show off both your home and yard in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Your contractor from the Austin Sunrooms company can help you design a brilliantly-lit and spacious studio. A sunroom studio harnesses the beauty of natural sunlight as a light source, and the sense of space and freedom lends the room an air of serenity. The natural sunlight that fills your sunroom during the day makes it an ideal place to put your art collection on display.

Using your primary purpose as a guideline, the professionals at your Austin Sunrooms company can design the most effective sunroom possible. The contractors with your Austin Sunrooms company are capable of designing a sunroom to be comfortable and well-lit year round.

Getting into the Details with an Austin Sunrooms Company

Adding a sunroom to your home is a much more detailed process than it might initially seem. Before construction is started, your state's building laws will need to be examined, and you may need to obtain a permit. Areas prone to inclement weather patterns and weather emergencies require a sturdier sunroom than others. Not only will your Austin Sunrooms company assist you in designing the perfect sunroom to suit your desires, they will also check to be sure your sunroom is properly connected to your electrical and water supply. The contractor sent to you by your Austin Sunrooms company will make sure your home's heating and cooling systems are linked into the sunroom, or they can install separate systems without interrupting your home's systems. If you plan to use your sunroom in the winter or at nighttime, you might want to consider installing a free-standing fireplace.

The design of your sunroom should not only suit your primary purpose, but allow for alternate or adjusted purposes in the future, and provide luxurious additional space for your family. You and your guests ought to be able to comfortably visit your sunroom at any time of year. The contractors at the Austin Sunrooms will work hard to build you a long-lasting and flexible sunroom that can adapt to your needs.

If you have questions about your sunroom after construction is finished, your Austin Sunrooms contractor will be available to help. Your contractor has access to mechanical or manually-operated shades for your sunroom windows, and would be happy to advise you on how to maintain your sunroom's beauty and structure.

Having a sunroom added to your home will enhance your home's appeal from outside, and the room has a variety of possible uses. Contact a quality Austin Sunrooms company, and get started on your sunroom design right away.

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The guys were wonderful. Pleasant to work with and I really appreciated that they made sure they understood what the shelves were going to hold to make sure the installation was approximate for it. I ended up needing to purchase additional parts, but it was exactly what the job called for and we couldn't be happier. They worked clean and asked for a vacuum to make it spotless, however we are in the midst of moving our office around and doing a deep cleaning so I told them not to worry about it. Thank you for asking how everything went. We will definitely call on your company in the future. Please let me know if you don't receive payment. Thank-you.
Mel - Mecca Gym & Spa
We love the room and patio and look forward to many happy hours using them. Please feel free to use us as a reference for future jobs.
Sherry S.
Craig, just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the new roof you installed over our sun room. The room is significantly cooler and very quiet when it rains.
Edward D.